Sunday, August 01, 2010

Woman Dies After Receiving Silicone Injections to Buttocks

Woman Dies After Receiving Silicone Injections to Buttocks

Medical negligence mixed with vanity can cause disastrous situations. Underground doctors inject non-medical grade silicone into the body which can cause a host of complications. The medical licensing boards fail to take these matters seriously and as a result, complaints about rogue doctors goes unanswered. While there are hundreds of thousands of "good" doctors, there are also bad ones who should be held criminally, professionally and financially responsible for the consequences people suffer at their hands.

At Cohen & Kuvin we handle and investigate medical negligence claims. These claims must be handled with care and only filed after a complete investigation. If there is negligence though, which has caused severe injury to a patient, we work tirelessly to achieve justice for the victim and their family.

Spencer T. Kuvin
Cohen & Kuvin, LLC

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